Friday, December 6, 2013

Responsive responsive responsive!

That famous real estate adage about "location location location"? We could say the same of websites in the 2010s. Responsive, responsive, responsive. Perhaps this is not stating anything new, but as our multimedia platforms proliferate, it becomes increasingly important for websites to stay flexible and intuitive no matter what device or browser they are being viewed in.
As a response to this need, web design has become simpler, starker, and more streamlined. Gone are the bells and whistles of (Flash) yesteryear, giving way to the practical. Here at White Dwarf Design however, we would like to posit that as this new, more utilitarian design approach becomes the norm, so too will our capacity to innovate within this framework increase.
Anticipating a new wave of interaction media where UX becomes another tool in the design arsenal, we are striving to develop an aesthetically pleasing and responsive experience, which is a fancy way of saying, we want to make navigation fun, sexy, and natural.
As we have stated before, simplicity is the name of the game, because not only does it make for more intuitive UX, it also focuses innovation into a fine point. Keep checking, as we continue our deep-space exploration...

Friday, October 25, 2013

Food Coma music

Here at White Dwarf Design, we strive for excellence and intergalactic peace. But sometimes, usually around 3pm every Friday, we get tired and sleepy, especially if we have a heavy burrito for lunch, which is hardly uncommon.
Thus, we have taken to putting on unutterably brutal death metal to compensate for our digestive inability to focus. Outcome: uncertain. Heaviness: Oh yea. Neighborly appreciation: Low.

Here are some entries from our Friday food coma mix:
-Napalm Death
-Fiona Apple

and others :)...